Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scrap Wood Shelf

This week was my spring break, so I had the whole week off to work on some projects. Mainly, my goal was to tackle the huge pile of wood that has been sitting in my kitchen for eons.

Half of the wood I bought with the intention of building small shelves for my small plastic animal collection that has been growing for years. I successfully finished those, with scraps left over to build another one for my craft room:

I needed button storage, and this turned out to be the perfect size.

All I did was cut up a 1x2 and a 1x3 and screw them together. Lots of wood putty and sanding later I had my shelves. I picked up a sample sized jar of green Valspar paint for about $3. It was the perfect amount for this shelf and the other shelves I already have hanging in my craft room that I'd like to repaint. And, since I built this out of scraps, it was the total cost for this project.

Popped a few screws in the wall and painted them green as well so they won't be as obvious. If I were putting something heavy on it I probably would have used anchors, but as is it holds my little jars just fine.

And there you go. I plan to give the yellow shelf above it a nice coat of green paint now too. I really like the bold color.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Galaga Beer Mug

So a friend of mine commissioned me for 13 Mario 1 Up Shot glasses for his arcade themed birthday party:

But in addition to these glasses, he wanted a special prize for a Galaga competition he was having. So he asked for a beer mug with the ship from Galaga on it and the words "Best Shooter" below it:

Please excuse the not so great picture. It's actually pretty awesome. :-P Here's a much better shot from my friend's party:

I was super happy with the way it turned out. Apparently the winner was too...which is even more awesome. :-)

Notice as well that the shot glasses have changed a little bit. They are now straight versus the curved rim they used to have:

I actually like this design much better. They will be back up in the shop very shortly! Along with some more fun new stuff!

Happy birthday, Joe! Hope it was awesome! :-)