Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Danielle's Birthday

So my friend Danielle had her 21st birthday party this weekend. Since this is such an epic birthday, I decided to make her an epic present:

Skittles Vodka. Made from this wonderful tutorial. It was really a fun gift but I warn you...this stuff is potent. Very very potent.

A shot glass to drink her vodka in. This was actually her Christmas present...but ya know...better late than never...

And a pair of painted shoes. I personally love these and had to get another pair so I could paint me some. Pictures of that later.

Her party was mardi gras themed so everyone had to make a mask. This was mine. It turned out okay I think. It took alot of effort to keep the cat from eatting the feathers.

Last week was a good crafting week. ^__^

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